Having style is not just a matter of perfect wardrobe, means having the right mindset and attitude. A pair of sneakers or glasses may help, but the style affects everything you do, say and wear daily. If you want to have style, you must first change our way of being and "after" you think of the wardrobe. If you want to learn how to have style, follow these steps.


Change Attitude

1 Be proud to flaunt. Having style is a matter of safety. If you just bought an item of clothing or have you tried a new hairdo and themes seem ridiculous, everyone will understand. If you do not feel sure of your look, you are stuck on your style or the words you use, then those around you will begin to feed the same doubts.

  • Whatever you do, must master. Do not look around for approval from others, do not ask if "okay" to look at something you like, it's a movie or shop.
  • Do not spend hours to look in the mirror, controllandoti or asking friends if your new shoes are ridiculous. Look, yes, but be convinced to stay well and move on.
  • Are you straight, with your head up and shoulders not bagged. Look in front of you, do not stare at your feet and make people aware that you are happy for who you are, and proud of your place in the world.

Make your personal style. Having style is not just copy the fashions urban or mimic your favorite rapper; even if you have friends and reference points that influence your style, you will need to add a personal touch to the wardrobe, to your attitude and language. Find out what makes you unique is an essential step to find your style, because it is something that no doubt is part of you.

3 Do not be obnoxious. You'll think you have style makes you so cool to have everyone at your feet, so you have the right to constantly denigrate those who are not to your height. In fact, the exact opposite is true: to show your style, you have to be an exceptional person with everyone.

  • This does not mean you have to be the best friend of all, or spend hours to support and help anyone; others should wish for your company because you are not a person consumed by hatred, jealousy and resentment.
  • You may think that treating people badly you rise, but it really just shows how insecure you are.
  • If those around you hates you, then you should avoid these people and find new friends.

4 Get inspired by your models. Choose people you admire and follow the instructions. Should not be extraordinary, but must inspire in some way, either because they push you to cultivate your dreams, and because elevate your style or because they teach you to be patient.

5 Go out with people who push you to improve yourself. This does not mean that you have to attend the People's trendiest school godresti indirectly because of their popularity. Rather, those who follow style because you will learn to improve yourself and get tips on what to wear and as posing.


  • If frequent some people who consider you a "dead weight" just because you're too kind, or are friends for a long, but you can find that they have nothing to offer you, then it is time to close the report.
  • If you know people who have style to spare, but you do not have a close relationship, go easy. Do not follow them anywhere else will think you're a lackey.

6 Stop worrying about what others think. If you really want to have style, then you should do whatever makes you happy and give a damn about what others think, unless it becomes offensive or hurt someone. You should put on and say what makes you feel good, not what would impress your classmates.

  • If you are obsessed with the idea to impress on people, you will never have their respect.
  • If someone makes fun of what you wear or what you do, do not beat. If you stop to wear something just because you have targeted, you're just a loser. Port that head proudly renewed.
  • Is it okay to ask for advice or an opinion to the people you care about most, but not to ask their approval for everything you do or you have scheduled.

Be independent. A person with a true style is comfortable with their friends. If you want to have style, then you should work on being independent and happy doing what you want rather than follow the crowd not to be put aside. To be independent, you must cultivate your interests, goals or dreams.

  • Spending time with friends is great, but do not give them every minute of your free time. It is also important to be alone and cultivate their interests, whether it is read, sing or do exercise.
  • Part of being independent think independently. Instead of always supporting friends to avoid conflict, do not be afraid to support your ideas.
  • If your friends ask you to go out, but you'd rather do something else, be honest with them. TI will respect even if they know you have commitments to work with.