Doyin Richards, a blogger, is a lot of fun to be a father. In his blog invites fathers to send pictures to prove how good it feels to be with the children. And in many (many) have joined.

Dad who collaborate, "is so called the blog and the book of Doyin Richards, a dad and a husband who likes to explain the beautiful (and difficult) work of the father in the modern era.

Through his blog and his book, advises others how to become parents who collaborate and share the tasks, "because the children are both, not only of the mother."

Instagram has also launched a trend that takes the name of his book, and in so many fathers who all'hashtag #daddydoinwork posting photos while you make the glaze by putting chlorine girls, they feed the little baby or pass the vacuum cleaner with a child on the back and one in front of well-connected to the pouch-style kangaroo. Photos are really divertneti and in my opinion hold.