Top 10 tattoo choices for men

What is it? Sailor tattoos call to mind a number of stereotypical images, but the bluebird isn’t usually among them. Yet, when a sailor had traveled 5,000 miles at sea, he got a bluebird on his chest. When he had gone 10,000 miles, he got a second on the other side. Done typically in blue and facing one another, variations on the theme include one blue and one red, or the two birds holding a scrolling banner between them.

Of all the skeletal parts, the skull is uniquely and immediately identifiable as human, and it is specifically representative of human death.

The Oriental dragon, unlike it’s counterpart in the west, is a mythical creature of great good will, power and wisdom.

  Oh, the name game! Tattoo artists will tell you that this tattoo, while very popular on Valentine’s Day, also tends to come at the beginning or end of a relationship.

The heart, from ancient Egyptian tomb paintings to the cards at the Hallmark store, is traditionally the seat of emotions, the very core of our being.

 She is the woman who needs no introduction and only a little explanation.

  The ultimate symbol of Christianity is also one of the most prevalent symbols in tattooing.

Because the Japanese and Chinese writing systems are based on ideograms (small pictures that actually represent things), the modern characters still retain visual interest and the ability sometimes to express complex thoughts in a just a few symbols.

Everyone has seen the tribal style of tattooing, where they know it or not.

 The five-pointed Nautical Star of mariner’s charts is found on the compass rose, straight up, at the North position.