Fossil fuels should be banned by 2100

The unrestricted use of fossil fuels today, should be phased out by 2100 if the world has any chance to avoid dangerous climate change, a UN-backed expert panel says.


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says in a stark report that most of the world's electricity can - and must - be produced from low-carbon sources and renewable energy by 2050. If not, the world faces severe, perversibe and un-containable damage. Inaction would cost much more if we leave it to late, there is much more to do than just take necessary action.

The IPCC's (Integrated Pollution Protection and Control) Synthesis Report was published on Sunday in Copenhagen, it was a week of intense debate between scientists and government officials. Its objective is intended to inform politicians and engaged in attempts to deliver an end result of a new global treaty on climate by the end of 2015. The report was that reducing emissions is crucial if global warming is to be reduced to the limit of 2C-. A target that was acknowledged back in 2009 as the threshold as the peak of dangerous levels of climate change. The report sugggest that if we want to keep climate change to safe levels we must go from 20% of renewable energy to 80% by 2050. In the long term, the report that fossil fuel power generation without carbon capture and storage should be vanished entirely by 2100.

Warming is "unequivocal" and the human influence on climate change and higher emission is clear, the period from 1983 to 2012, it says, was likely the warmest 30 year period of the last 1,400 years. Warming impacts are already being seen around the globe, in the acidification of the oceans by burning of chemicals and waste, the melting of arctic ice and poorer crop yields in many parts of the world. Without measure and  action on carbon, temperatures will increase over the coming decades and could be almost 5C above pre-industrial levels by the end of this century. There is no ambiguity in this message, Leaders must act now rather than later. Time is our enemy we have left it too late for time to be on our side. There is the myth that climate action will cost heavily but the truth is that failing to act will cost much more and be irreversiable.

Those who choose to ignore these warnings by questioning and dispute the scientific evidence that is laid out daily will risk the future for our kids and grankids. The message is clear it should be heard across the world, we have to act on climate change now, it’s up to the leaders and politicians of nations to strike a concrete deal in order to safeguard this world for future genertions.  We can’t afford to burn all the fossil fuels we have without dealing with the waste product CO2 which is dumped into the atmosphere. If we can’t develope Carbon Capture Technology we must stop burning fossil fuels to be able to stop dangerous levels of climate change.

In the IPCC's discussions on fossil fuels, there was a fierce battle over a chart that showed how much the electricity sector needed to curb its carbon waste, report from Compenhagen. The Saudis went crazy, it quickly became a standoff between those who want the focus on cutting emissions against those who think the right to develop economies must come first. Some attending the talks said that climate change and sustainable development for economies went hand in hand. Different countries come to different perspectives, but from the science perspective and factual presentations we need them both and need to work hard to achieve the same objective.


The world has become addicted to fossil fuels and every aspect of our lives depend on fossil fuels from getting to work to the products we use such as clothes, all plastic products to the vegetables we consume. There has to be a revolution, alternative energy is available but higher levels of investment is needed to aggressively cut down on the amount of fossil fuels burned into the atmosphere. The future depends on all of us, we must change our lifestyles and support the reduction of fossil fuels to protect the world from become inhatiable.