Quick review - Rome 2 Total War

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Here we are,i don't even know from where i should start since this is my first review ever but let's try! =P Well,Rome 2 Total war is a sequel of an acclaimed and famous videogame company called Creative Assembly,there many other total war around but i want to focus my attention on this one because it's one of my favourites. Let's start saying that the launch of the game was a total distaster,full of bugs,glitches,low framerate and tons of other problems. Problems that have been resolved almost after 2 years making the game a real pearl. The game has a lot of DLCs (Downloadable Content) that you've to buy separately from the main game but every single DLCs worth the money it costs because it make the game more complete and enjoyable. If you love RTS (Real Time Strategy) games, were you can recruit and lead to battle more than 20.000(!!!) units at time, this is the game you've to buy at all costs.


- Excellent Graphic
- Loads of civilizations to use and lead to battle
- The charm of the ancient Rome and old civilizations
- Loads of DLCs


- Units looks all the same after a bit
- Minor annoying bugs and glitches
- Optimization could be better

I hope you enjoyed my little and quick review,leave a like if you appreciated and comment if you want eed more informations. I'll leave a video review too so you may understand more about this awesome game. Cya soon! ;D