The Diet To Do Before Christmas : Health Topic

You can give yourself a whim (greedy) during Christmas holidays without running the risk of putting on weight? Yes, you can. Doing a bit 'of attention to what you eat in the previous period and by taking some simple trick


The most anticipated day of the year is finally coming. And with it are going to get even the gastronomic temptations that could have "undesirable" on our waistlines (and not only).

How to do so?

Dr. Giuliano Ubezio, dietician and nutritionist at the Medical Center of Milan Santagostino these tips:


1. What to do

"We assume that restrictive diets are not necessary, because the healthy diet can safely coincide with the natural taste of the holidays. A healthy diet and proper to be a "constant" in everyday life, maybe asociata to a light physical activity. In this way, we can enjoy without too much guilt, some exception to the rule. "

2. Food Tips

"Fasting in anticipation of a lunch or a dinner during which it is assumed that we will eat more of soilito, it's never a good idea. Only would run the risk of arriving appointment overly hungry, so Magyar unconsciously, swallowing food only for greed or gluttony. Three days before the board, then, to focus light meals with protein, vegetables and fruit. Limit intake of carbohydrates for breakfast and once during the day (or lunch or dinner, it's bread, pasta, rice or other grain), paying the utmost attention, as always, use of condiments. "

3. Measures against accumulate fat

"If it is true that during the holidays are so many temptations gourmand (as resist a slice of Panettone and Pandoro?), It is equally true that observing some simple trick we could avoid accumulating excess fats. Here's how:

1) never pounce on crackers and breadsticks;

2) limit wine and spirits in general (they are high in calories and little satiating);

3) eviatre ia dishes eaten (a portion is more than enough!);

4) Eat slowly and chew well (this aid digestion);

5) does not exceed with dried fruit (it is very healthy but equally caloric);

6) avoid fizzy drinks and prefer natural water (to drink in large quantities);

7) privilege brought rich vegetables (not fried) ».


4. Examples food for breakfast, lunch, dinner *


Hot tea with fresh bread toast and jam maybe homemade.


Milk with muesli or cereal and fruit oily

And 'possible to integrate both options with a squeeze of fresh oranges


Bread or pasta or rice, barley, spelled, couscous with vegetable sauce. Vegetables seasoned with olive oil, vinegar and herbs to replace salt.

Afternoon snack

A serving of fruit


Vegetable soup or vegetable soup, fish or white meat, vegetables and fruit.

Before going to bed for the night maybe recommend a draining herbal tea made from cinnamon, chamomile, red fruits, blueberries aroma and taste typical Christmas!


5. Physical activity

"If you can treat yourself to a few days in the mountains between skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing will have no trouble disposing of those extra pounds. If you will be at home try to move as much as possible. Even a simple half hour walk in the center or some exercise in the gym you will help. Or, why not take advantage of the balances for shopping by moving (strictly) walk. It is beneficial is the mood that health! "


* advice given to individuals of normal weight and not completely sedentary.