Tutorial for a Christmas Ornament Wreath

Tutorial for a Christmas Ornament Wreath

Supplies used:

  • Wreath form (mine was six inches wide)
  • Ribbon
  • Thin ribbon or wire
  • Shiny and jeweled ornaments
  • Hot glue
  • Hair dryer


Steps to make a wreath:

  • First, wrap a wreath form with ribbon (securing the ends down with hot glue).
  • Then, wrap a thin wire or ribbon loosely around the wreath form. It will be used later to hang the wreath (not pictured… I added mine after I glued down the ornaments and it was harder to do with the ornaments already on the wreath).
  • With the wreath form lying on a flat surface, glue a layer of ornaments to the wreath around the circumference of the wreath. Attach glue between the ornaments, the wreath and each other.
  • Then, glue a layer of ornaments on top of the first layer and the front of the wreath.
  • Continue to add more ornaments, filling in any gaps as you work. Use smaller ornaments, if desired, to cover any holes.
  • Use the heat from a hair dryer to blow away any glue gun strings.
  • Tip: you do need to be careful using hot glue with foam shapes (ornaments and the wreaths). The heat can ‘melt’ the foam a little, but if you are careful, it can be done.