Review - War Thunder

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War Thunder is in a genre that is completely new and few and far in between. It is definitely the most fun one in the genre although hit really only provides multiplayer and not much single player content. You get to jump straight into a fight with your seemingly inferior biplanes and other starter planes; but you can still dominate the sky immediately within your first couple of games. You will find yourself learning the controls and maneuvers in no time and flying like an ace with its unique mouse aim/navigation system. It makes jumping into the flight sim genre a little less daunting. After you earn your wings within the first couple of games you already find yourself upgrading to better planes and being even more dominant in the sky. Now you will find yourself zooming through the beautiful scenery that the game has such as valleys, oceans, and cityscapes. You'll start to feel more confident and start to do better and better. You start getting excited to upgrade to the next plane in your tech tree. But eventually you find yourself in a dilemma. If you only play the game without using real money and only using in game credits you will find yourself a bit short on credits. And bit short I mean days or even weeks worth of games to earn enough credits to upgrade your ship. Then each upgrade after that only gets harder to achieve and takes longer to earn enough to buy. It has the same problem that almost all other Free to play games have, you feel like you need to pay just to get the full experience out of the game. They cut the amount of credits you earn in half if you don't purchase a premium account and it really adds up how much your losing because you just wanted to play the game for what it was advertised: free. Well, the game doesn't really feel free once you hit the wall flying. You almost feel forced to get a premium account or even just to buy credits with real currency. All of this considered, this game is really great and really fun as long as you don't mind hanging around on the lower tiers.