I mean what it is about office politics? Bosses, colleagues and clicks, it’s all very strange.


There is nothing that winds me up more than the constant backstabbing by staff no matter what level the other staff are and who they are. Why can’t people just get along, work as a team and just be nice human beings without being nasty to each other? I understand that people are friends and people are not such good friends but that is no excuse to exclude people. The worst thing about it is that they are as nice as pie to your face and act like they are your friends and that they are interested in you.


Take the other day for example, A bit of background first, I work in a small team of about 16 people and everyone gets on nicely enough or so it seems, we all have a laugh and a joke but there is an ‘in-crowd’. They share personal jokes together, exclude the rest of us from these and socialize with each other outside of work.


I work for an estate agent in their head office; we are split up into 3 different PODS (area teams) and we are assigned a region within London with ours being central London. These 3 pods are teams that are independent of each other. We each support a number of different branches, which we don’t get to see much, only talk down the phone.


Last Friday, half of our POD went out for a meal with some of the branches, the other half wasn’t invited but it was spoken about out loud in front of the other half.


I just don’t get it; it’s the fact that people didn’t have the opportunity to say no. It just would have been nice to be asked.


I mean, makes you feel really valued… Why do people have to be like this? Office Politics is very confusing and something that is such a big part of work, it is a shame that it has to be so complicated.


It doesn’t need to be!