North Korea behind the Sony hack?

Sony Hack


So it was revealed this week after the Sony hack, the script for the new James Bond film Specter has been leaked. It has also stopped the release of ‘The Interview’; it begs the question, who/what is behind it?


Some rumors say that it is the North Koreans making a stand against Sony for producing it but I’m not so sure. After all we know about the secretive nation, does it make sense to think that they are even capable of this? I mean any country that only allows certain haircuts for its population as to not offend the supreme leader surely is not capable of doing this. I struggle to come to terms that they have a) the technology b) the knowledge on how to do this and fool the world. On the other hand North Korea has developed a 1,700-man hacker team to strengthen the country's cyber war capabilities, according to South Korea's National Intelligence Service.


The attacks where carried out under the pretense of GOP (Guardians of Peace) this of course be the North Koreans or it could be anyone else, there is so much capacity to share files these days with sites like ‘The Pirate Bay’.


It really could have been anyone / any organisation but as with most issues, we truly could never know.