Holiday Guide to Barbados


Barbados is a sovereign island nation situated in the western Atlantic Ocean in the Lesser Antilles, lying outside of the principal Atlantic Hurricane belt. Although Barbados was visited by the Spanish and the Portuguese earlier, it was colonised only by the British in 1627, from which it gained independence in 1966, becoming a Commonwealth realm, retaining Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of the State. Being not only the most developed island in the Caribbean, Barbados is also one of the topmost tourist destinations in the region. The formation of Barbados dates back in far away time, owing to underwater volcanic eruptions. Being a coral island, surrounded by fine white sand and beautiful sea, Barbados is a favoured adventure and holiday destination by surfers, snorkelers and scuba divers. The climate of Barbados is tropical and mild, owing to the trade winds along the East coast.

Barbados, as a tourist spot, has gained extreme popularity because of its unique blend of serene blue waters, tropical greenery and golden sunlight, as well as the quality of accommodating not only the posh and luxurious desires of a handsome pocketed tourist, but also some really cheap and budget hotels, ideal for those looking for a slim pocketed, adventurous and beautiful holiday.

However, the most interesting part of the island is the Central Barbados, which houses the remains of the colonised history in its various museums, residences of the rich settlers, and also a scenic chain of limestone hills. For flora lovers also, Barbados is no disappointment to visit, with its various plantation homes and botanical gardens situated in the central Barbados.

If you’re one looking for a break from your daily life, are a water sports lover, and wish to be close to the nature, Barbados is just the right place for you! With the East-coast being popular among the surfers, you’ll also find yourself indulged in an action-packed holiday in the form of diving, wind-surfing, hiking etc. The calypso rhythms, island-vibes and its famous rums make Barbados an ideal escape into the jolly mood of a vacation. Also, if you wish to enjoy a thrilling night life on this calm island, you won’t be disappointed, as Barbados also has some fine clubs, bars and restaurants, to satisfy all your luxury desires. But, above all this, what makes Barbados really special is its people- the Bajans-as they are known, are warm, friendly, and hospitable. Their warm, friendly smiles are sure to give you a home-coming feeling each time you visit this naturally breathtaking and charming island of Barbados.

The website is your one-stop destination for all information about the places worth visiting, water-sports worth enjoying, and accommodation plans to be made well according to your budget- all this and more, on the island of Barbados. The scenic beauty of the country, its world-famous rums, sea-turtles, scuba diving, limestone hills, botanic gardens and more, are all guaranteed to give you a never-before holiday experience with your loved ones, with beautiful memories of a holiday to be cherished for a lifetime.

Meta description: An escape to the friendly Barbados Island be it with your family or friends, is sure to give you a feeling of being at home, and make your vacation memorable.