Bahamas is a vast area just off the coast of Florida and is washed by the water of Gulf Stream. This is the best place for luxury and a complete relaxation. Bahamas constitute of 29 islands and thousands of small rocks and cays. Most of them are developed widely for the industry of tourism. From 1950 onwards this place is known as one of the famous spot for tourist attraction. Apart from the islands there are many other places of interest and this island place is also known as 'The Caribbean Switzerland” because of it huge sources of treasures.

Fort Charlotte

This is one of the most important historical places and is known for being one of the biggest forts built by the British in the island of Bahamas. It was constructed somewhere between 1787 and 1970. The main aim of building this structure was to defend the westerly entrance of Nassau Harbour. If you visit this place you will get to see drawbridge, moat, ramparts, dungeons etc. Visitors can take the help of guides and can make free tours inside the fort.

Bacardi Distillery

This is located on Carmichael Roads on New Providence Island and Bacardi. You can go for a refinery tour on Tuesdays which is one of the most interesting things that every visitor prefers on their tour to Bahamas. This opportunity is offered by the Bacardi Rum Distillery and in this tour apart from sightseeing you can also see the manufacturing of rum and taste their endless varieties of rums at free of cost.

Balcony House

This house is situated on Trinity palace in Nassau and is one the place of historical importance. This is considered to be one of the oldest wooden residential structures that were constructed in the era of 18th century. The perfect finishing of the mahogany staircase and the overhanging balcony are the true distinguishing features that you can see here. The furnishings are awesome and simply catch the attention of all the visitors.

Christ Church Cathedral

This is built in the period of 1837 and is situated on the George streets. This cathedral is equipped with magnificent glass windows and the central panel of the east window depicts the scene of Crucifixion.  One half of the other window shows the Ascension of Christ while the other half depicts the picture of an empty tomb. There is a beautiful garden outside the church that is covered with verities of colorful flowers.

Straw Market

This is another best spot for sightseeing and the name is given because of some interesting facts. Here, leaves of sisal plant and dried palm leaves are used by Bahamian women to make baskets, dolls, hats and bags. Apart from straw products you can also purchase wood carvings and jewelries. It is opened from 9 AM to 5 PM and transactions are made only in cash.

Bahamas Lighthouse Museum

At the corner of Bay and East streets lies the Bahamas lighthouse museum. This is opened on all the 7 days of a week from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission for children are free but adults need to pay a small charge.

Apart from the above mentioned places there are several other important historical places, museums, islands that you cannot even imagine. In this article I have just mentioned few of the places but if you want to get a clear view if Bahamas then you have to visit it yourself.

Meta description: Bahamas is one of the most interesting islands in the world and it has an entire housing of tourist spots. You can get a rough sketch from the website mentioned in this article. Your trip to this place will surely be memorable.