The jeans that can protect you from identity fraud

New denim features special pocket lining to block thieves with credit card scanners

A savvy new brand of jeans is trying to put a stop to the ten million identities that are digitally pickpocketed every year. 
Betabrand's new Ready Active jeans, made in collaboration with security company Norton, uses special lining in its front and back pockets to block radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication readers, which are used to scan for credit cards.
Made in San Francisco with high-performance stretch denim milled in the U.S., the jeans, which are in the prototype phase, can be purchased for $151.20 while the project is still crowd funding. Once they go into production, they will go up to $168.

The jeans, which will ship in February, are available in a traditional slim fit; and a blazer with an RFID-blocking pocket is also available for $198. 
Visa's PayWave, MasterCard's PayPass, American Express' ExpressPay and Discover's Zip card are just a few of the cards with RFID chips built into them. 
As of 2011, there were 35million chip cards in use in the U.S., according to The Nilson Report, and even an inexpensive credit card reader can get credit card data from a few inches away -- even if the card is in a handbag or wallet.  
'Just think: One day you're ordering dinner in a restaurant, the next day tech-savvy thieves are buying a 300" TV and a year's supply of queso dip with your credit-card information!', explains Betabrand's website.