Parents Spending on Christmas

According to a survey by a major supermarket chain earlier this autumn, the average parent splashes out no less than £312 on Christmas presents per child. Now, I have to say I'm not entirely sure I believe that figure but even if the amount coughed up per kid were half that (and browsing parenting forum discussions of the subject suggests it might well be), this still makes me want to call up Santa and tell him he needs to slow down on his spending.

If these children get showered with such riches now, what are they going to expect for their 18th birthdays? A Ferrari? How will they feel if their future partner doesn't indulge them with hundreds of pounds worth of expensive luxuries every December 25th?

And how are kids meant to appreciate saving and the waiting and eventual satisfaction of being able to afford something sought after, if everything they want is handed to them on a plate, or should I say in a stocking, on Christmas morning?

Shout 'bah humbug!' at me all you like but I have always stuck to well under £100 for my seven-year-old son. A present for around the £50 mark is surely more than adequate for a primary school age child, let alone for toddlers who wouldn't understand the difference in value between a fiver and suitcase of fifty pound notes. And as for spending hundreds on babies - well perhaps the adage that they'll probably prefer the wrapping paper and box needs to be kept in mind.