Top Attractions in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand happens to be a paradise on the earth. Lot of tourists flock in to the country to have a glimpse of the numerous tourist attractions which the country boosts off. The interesting sights offer a visual splendour to the eyes. In Thailand Bangkok is referred to as Krung Thep and one needs to make sure that they have sufficient amount of days with you to enjoy this wonderful place. A glance at some of the must see places in the country are specified below.


The Grand Place is one of the major attractions in the country. In fact a trip to Bangkok, Thailand without have a view of it would be incomplete. Build more than 150 years ago it happens to be hub of all administrative activities of the government. The architecture and creativity showcases the unique craftsmanship of the local people in this part of the world. On spiritual counts it is also very near to the Thai kingdom.


Attracting a great deal of the foreign tourists rather than the locals the floating markets provides a host of tropical fruits , flowers as well as fresh coconut juices on the floating kitchen. The local culture is depicted here and without hanging round the place one can part of it in a bug way.  The Kha happens to be one of the famous floating markets in the region.


If fun and relaxation is in your minds, what about a Thai massage. Wat Pho is the ideal place in this regard. All sorts of massage from medical to therapeutic are provided in this place. The cost in this regard ranges from 120 to 200 Bahts. Perhaps for the tourists the greatest help would be the presence of a number of English speaking guides who would advice on how to go about things. One can also see the expert opinion of various astrologers and seek the blessings of the various monks. Backside of the great temple of Buddha the temple of Wat Pho is located which is referred to as the reclining temple of Buddha. In this temple Buddha measures around 46 metres long and is covered in Gold leaf. For this precise reason it is referred to as the largest Buddhist temple in the world.


Among the other tourist attractions the house of Jim Thomson is a must see attraction. The efforts of this individual for a period of three decades revived the art of the Thai design. Whatever the person touched into gold. Located in the form of a house on the bank of the river this place has a plethora of the collection of wonderful objects and crafts. Very rarely does a place have such rich cultural values along with natural splendour. Perhaps Mother Nature has blessed it in all regards and if one is planning a vacation abroad then this is the place to visit.


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Bangkok, Thailand is truly one of the wonders of the world. It has rapidly turned into one of the major tourist locations of the world and there are many articles which have contributed to it.