The equation of happiness

In relation with us the nature is somehow perverse the proof is the validity of Murphy laws.

People does not need much to be happy, I think there are only three elements that should keep in mind, money, health and feelings.

The sum of these elements is a constant and the number of combinations is infinite.

How happy we are depends on the values of elements, equal values will probably show us a mediocre life, on the other side imbalance can be even worse.

These values are continually changing, their sum is a constant but our happiness factor is never constant.

What is the weight of these elements in the equation of happiness?

I do not know, I think personality plays an important role in this equation but do not know how we could quantify personality.

Adding personality into the equation means we place our human nature in the equation making it unsolvable.

These are my Friday night thoughts

Wish you a great weekend an a lot of happiness


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