Travel Guide To Barcelona , Spain

Travel Guide To Barcelona , Spain

One of the busiest ports of the Mediterranean is Barcelona, Spain. It is the 2nd largest cosmopolitan city in Spain. The capital of Barcelona is Catalonia and the two most spoken languages in Barcelona is Castillian Spanish & Catalan. Barcelona is referred to as a Mediterranean city because of its geographic location, tradition, history and culture. A visit to Barcelona is worth and full of pleasure. The city is full of graceful buildings, wonderful architecture and magnetic masterpieces which are worth capturing in a camera. The city will keep provoking you now and then to take snaps. The place is full of attractions and many visitors come every day to explore the city.  For more details one can log on to the website www.everyposition.com


La Sagrada Familia and Park De La Citudella : It is a great monument for sightseeing. Though the work is still not over but for church mass the main naïve is opened. The work will be over in 2020 or something. It’s the most remarkable landmark and the sheer verticality of it is worth admirable. There is a fee to view the interior of the monument. You can get a combined ticket for La Sagrada Familia and Park De La Citudella which is full of greenery and space, to relax and spend a memorable time. It’s a 74 acre park which has a beautiful lake, sports field and a zoo. Regional Government of Catalunya has its parliament situated inside Ciutadella.

Music in Barcelona : The live music Venue at Razzmatazz and Bikini is awesome for music lovers. Apart from this various concert halls are also amazing to visit and enjoy the power of music. The Gran Teatre Del Liceu has beautiful ornate carvings, luxurious red carpet decorated with gold leaf. For sheer volume of music enjoyment Palau De La Musica Catalana is celebrated and there are clusters of music festivals where you get to hear all styles of music in an amazing manner.

Montjuic : In 1992 the site was was chosen for summer Olympics. Today if you make a visit then you would find museums, gardens and various scenic beauty . Magical fountain is a famous attraction at Montjuic which enlightens you by choreographed water and light show. The first Sunday of every month is free to visit the National Art Museum of Catalunya.

Parc Guell :  Ita a Gaudi inspired sculpture garden which covers an area of 1718 square kilometers. The way is covered with walkaways, rivers of lava, trees, geometric shapes and many other things. This was earlier designed to create a garden city but the work failed and stopped in 1914. UNESCO declared it as a world heritage site in 1984. There is an underdeveloped space which allows people to watch the skyline of Barcelona which has an amazing view.

For sunbathing and swimming there are beautiful beaches in the city which are free to visit. Most of the attractions are free to see and enjoy in the city and hence one can plan a trip without burning a hole in the pocket.

Meta Description Barcelona, Spain  is full of passion. Apart from great monuments you will also find good food, bars,beaches and clubs in Barcelona..