Soulmate: How To Recognize it?

We explain the three different disciplines: psychology, astrology and the economy, through reflections on the concept of love ... in times of crisis. And with a laboratory experiment, conducted by the Department ABC, the Politecnico di Milano, aimed at the choice of our 'half an apple'. If there!


What happens in our brains when 'choose' a soul mate? How much they weigh our personal experiences on the choice of the person we fall in love? Love is an economic good? The emotional choices can be addressed with rational rules? What can an astrologer to see if two people are compatible with each other? Is there a soul mate?

The personal experiences past, mainly those of childhood, affections for instance, weigh very sentimental choices. In mate choice, trying, mainly, something more or less removed, our primary affective figure: mother, father, or other figure of caregiving. And according to astrology, is chosen as the 'better half'? Surely, as confirmed Stefano Vighi, famous astrologer, specializing in traditional astrology natal and hourly, by the position of the planets at birth, the so-called 'synastry': when two people are compatible with each other, such as the possible strengths and opportunities for bring together the energies. The planets are regarded as basic life-forces the person from which it depends and which has for its existence. These planetary forces take on different forms depending on their position in the zodiac.

To 'the market' instead, are the laws that regulate the supply and demand of an economic good. Professor Sdino, led students and participants to measure themselves and others, through the formation of a scale score of loving (market value of love). They have identified the criteria for choosing loving and sorted according to a numerical scale (1 to 10) in the importance given to the subject. From a cross-reading of the processing, were constructed curves of supply and demand in the market, highlighting any misalignments and tensions between the feminine and masculine. The comparison of the values it is easy to understand if the market potential of two economic entities have the possibility of finding a balance.

Experiences, processing, expressions and 'stories' of the participants will be collected in a book 'Love in balance', where they will try to give an answer to the classic questions of love.