Bars in Birmingham

Bars in Birmingham are known for their services. Today, you will find a number of bars within the city. It’s nice to visit a bar with a group of friends specially during some special occasions. The bar serves the best pint or cocktail drink to the guests. The bars are open for 7 days a week. During weekdays the bars are crowded with people. In most of the hotels you will get the facilities of bars and restaurants too. There are some restaurants that are best for drinks and  provide a relaxed atmosphere. The Jam House, Angels Cafe Bar, Bacchus, Gatecrasher, Oceans and Air are some of the famous bars within the city.

If you are looking for a bar that can provide you the best drink and a relaxed atmosphere then Bacchus will be the right choice. The Bacchus bar is known for its artistic mix interior. Along with dashes of modern England the interior of Bacchus bar is an artistic mix of Rome, Ancient Greece and Egypt. The four-poster bedroom as well as library rooms of the bar makes you feel like an eccentric book character. In the bar you will find the floors covered with luxurious carpets. The walls of the bars are decorated with Renaissance art. The bar takes proper care of the guests and serves them with the best drink and food.

Being located in the Hurst Street, Angles Café Bar is known for its friendly customer as well as great atmosphere. The most attractive point of the bar is the DJs. The music played by the DJs crowded the bar with high spirit. The customers like the weekend's tireless mixers and give good comments for the quality sound system as well as excellent tune selection. During the weekdays the price of the drinks is less as compared to that of a week off day’s. During the weekends you will find a fashionable and open minded atmosphere. The bars in Birmingham are crowded not only by local people, but it also has the crowd of visitors from around the world. Along with the best drink the bar serves the best food to the guests. Students also visit the bar, but for students the minimum age of entry is 21.

On Broad Street Gatecrasher is the most happening. It is an award winning bar. In 2010 the bar wins awards like Birmingham's All Bar None Awards and Mixmag's club of the year. The bar includes four clubs, nine bars and six feature area. With a minimum fee, every Saturday night students are allowed to attend the bar. You can also make an advice booking in the bar through online.

On the corner of Hurst Street you will find another bar with all kinds of facilities that is the Oceans bar. The bar is only 0.8 miles far from Broad Street. Two clubs, 5 bars, seven themed rooms and four VIP suites are the attraction of the bar.