Bars in Liverpool

Bars in Liverpool make the nightlife in  Liverpool amazing and vibrant. The people of Liverpool love to enjoy  and have fun. Their way of enjoying the nightlife gives an assurance that the  bars in Liverpool are full of fun and excitement. If you are visiting Liverpool then take some time to visit the pubs and bars. The bars in Liverpool offer  the ultimate  social moments. There are bars on every corner of the street.  Enjoy classic wine and party with friends at various spots.

Paranomic – one of the best bars in Liverpool  offers  cocktail. The  bar is located in such a place that one can get a breathtaking view  of Liverpool from the 34th floor .There are lounges for you to relax. The palm sugar lounge is one of them. It also has hotel bars called bars fours.

On Dale street one can try out Thomas Rigby’s. It is a very old bar. Or you can  check in Fly in the loaf  a bar which offers german  and Belgium beer.

Some of the most popular bars in Liverpool which attracts  attentions are-

Alma de Cuba – This is the most beautiful bar in Liverpool. It is in the form of a  redesigned church. The painted  stained glass windows are 300 years old. The carving on the building as  well as the chandeliers are  elegant and detailed. It is a great church and glamorous era where people have fun and enjoy their  moments.

Magnet-If you love to go underground. The Magent is the  one of the underground venues you don’t want to miss. With DJ , breakdowns it is the coolest Chillout venues in Liverpool. This bar has everything you which to have.

Korova-modern bar  where you can get to  hear the latest music with latest bands playing in the UK.

Bumper – A comfortable bar for you and your friend  group. With cushioned couch you will feel comfortable for chit chat. You will truly love the atmosphere and would definitely want to return back. 

Le Bateau –This bar offers rock music .With sophisticated decoration one can party to its fullest. You can check for what they offer each night.

The Philharmonic Dining room- take your group to this exotic  bar, sip a pint a get relax on the leather couch. This building  has a rich architecture, mosaic floor, rich crystal chandelier and etched mirrors. Beetles  use to get down here for a drink.

Circo – This circus themed  bar will light up your mood. Located in the Albert dock. It is  mostly  for the older crowd who spent time and enjoy themselves. The people  who serve the drink dress themselves as ringmaster