Bars in Manchester

The football city boasts  of some of its  best bars and pubs. There are more than 500 licensed bars in the city. With trendy  pubs and bars  in Manchester one can chill out with live music and featuring dance number. There are many famous bars and sports bar too where one can sip beer and watch football match.

Music is the life of Manchester. And if you are one of those heads shaking crazy music band lover then night day  bar is your kind of  place. With  the many famous Manchester band having been performed in their early days , still coming bands continues  to perform and you can enjoy it without spending a lot. Nightlife in Manchester is busy as day life with the largest number of student population occupying  the city. Every district offers different kind of night life, pubs and bars in Manchester. The city is small and one can walk from one end to the other.

For exclusive enjoyment you can hunt for these places-

Funkademia- You are surely going to  love this bar as it takes place every Saturday, with a DJ , and with various types of music played. Do attend one of their events but buy  tickets in advance.

Pure space- is a contemporary style bar which is airy and decorated in modern style. They offer  exotic  drinks and food. Dinners are too served on the weekend. With foot tapping music  you can enjoy your dinner at its best. The bar also has roof top  where people can enjoy outdoor recreation and a night club.

Mojo – one of the top bars in Manchester, but the music is selected by people in Mp3 as there are no Dj playing musics. With a wide variety  of cocktail menus and drinks , sandwiches and other snacks are also served with it.

Bluu- located in the northern quarter,  a newly established bar  provides large restaurant for dining and large room bar.There specialty is on seafood. The rooms are decorated in  1980s  style. Private rooftops are designed for drinking  variety of cocktails.

Get your streets right-

The student usually makes  quick trips to Fallowfield street for pubs bars and nightclubs as these bars don’t charge  taxes. The bars are both traditional and modern. The atmosphere is quiet relaxed as there is  door policy .

Highly vibrant area  Northern Quarter attracts many professional  as they live in their renting apartment. With many private bars , independent shops selling  funky and weird items. The bars offer foreign beer, cocktails   and food.

Portland and Piccadally street- various  bars and pubs are located in Portland and Piccadally streets. From sports bar to a cocktail lounge to gay bar you can choose your type of bars and station your body.