Family reunited 10 years after tsunami

Until last June, Raudhatul Jannah's parents hadn't seen their daughter for 10 years.

Jannah was just 4 years old when she and her brother were swept from their parents in the massive Indian Ocean tsunami which inundated Southeast Asia on December 26, 2004, killing upwards of 230,000 people across 14 countries.

In the immediate aftermath, Raudhatul's mother, Jamaliah, and her husband searched for their children in their area of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, for a month before giving up hope of finding them alive.

In June of this year, however, Jamaliah's brother encountered a girl in a nearby village who bore a strong resemblance to Jannnah. After the tsunami a fisherman had rescued Jannnah from a group of remote islands and she had been living with the fisherman's mother ever since.

Nearly a decade after they were ripped apart, Jannnah (now 14) was finally back in her mother's arms. "My heart beat so fast when I saw her," Jamaliah told, reflecting on the reunion. "I hugged her and she hugged me back and felt so comfortable in my arms. My husband and I are very happy we have found her. This is a miracle from God.”

And the news gets better. Jannnah said her brother Arif, who was 7 at the time of the tsunami, is likely alive as well, since the two were briefly stranded together on a nearby island.

Jannah's emotional reunion with the family unleashed a large amount of media attention, which the family says led to the discovery of their son, who had been living as a street orphan in Payakumbuh, an Indonesian province some 560 miles away from the family home in Aceh.

A couple in Payakumbuh contacted the family seeing a photo of Arif as a young boy on the news, believing a homeless teenager they let sleep in their internet cafe bore a strong resemblance to him.

When the cafe owner showed the boy, known only as "Ucok," a picture of Jamaliah he exclaimed, "That's mother!" In a subsequent phone conversation with his parents, Arif asked when they could come pick him up, which they did in August this year.