Website optimisations

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Website  optimisation

A website has to appeal to a large amount of people (Management, employees, customers, prospect, and search engines.) in order to become high traffic. There are not a set of rule you can follow but you can develop certain point that have proven to be effective for others.

Place keywords

A website page needs to be filled with keywords representing and explaining the main focus of the company whether it is products or service. Keyword will insure a better understanding for your potential customers and keyword research could redirect prospect to your website. Each webpages need to be filled with them and placed strategically to create your website theme.

You can increase the amount of traffic to your website by identifying which keyword could be picked up easily by search engines.

Optimise pages as well as the website

Different pages, such as pdf. document accessible through your website can also be filled with keywords to appear on search engines. The important point is to keep this design and harmony throughout.

Consider the visitors

We spoke a lot of search optimisation but the human part of your website is also very important. Your visitor will need the information they are looking for in the 10 seconds of their arrival, they won’t stay on your website if the information is too difficult to find.

Give different contact details

Don’t hesitate to give additional contact details depending on the department you have. A potential customer will highly appreciate seeing an independent phone number for the sales Department where as a customer will need the Customer Service.

Update your content

It might seems contradictory but changing the content of your website or adding additional information and keywords will make your content fresh and your website is more likely to appear on search engines. Updating your location, adding a new product, sector or service will diversify the visitors search and will give you higher traffic.

Create a Site Map page

In order not to lose your visitors, a site map can be created to explain the layout of your website. Each subject can easily be coded so when someone clicks on it, it redirect the visitor toward another part of the website. Your goal will be to insure visitor can get where they want to be in 2 to 3 clicks maximum.


As described in the ads banner optimisation, the theme of your banner and website needs to be in tunes and a harmony has to be created to insure the customer is not lost. Whether you choose to create it through effect, colours or an original design, this is the key to a good website… With a good content of course.

Create a News page

Your company and what’s happening within is very important for a customer. Keeping your visitors aware of the success and innovation of the company is very important (new products, conference, awards). They will want to know that and it will create a virtual relationship with them.