Bora Bora a Perfect Spot for All Sun Lovers

Bora Bora Island is just amazing and it is the perfect spot for all sun lovers. At night the island becomes cool and offers its dwellers a break from the scorching heat of the sun. It also houses a number of important places for tourist attractions which includes:

Matira Point

If you want to make a smooth and slow evening walk then this is the ideal option for you. You can either walk along the sand from the Matira Beach Park to Matira Point or you can also turn right from the main road where you can get to see the signpost of the Intercontinental Le Moana. From the exact location of the hotel you need to walk to the end of the track. During the low tide you can weed walk also from the Matira Point out to the reef. The reef stop yatches have created several shallow areas and you can take a private ship or a yatch to sail around the Bora Bora Island.

World War II Guns

The best Bora Bora attractions are the canons that were used during the World War II. This island is known to for its peace loving environment and it is quite surprising to find the canons of the war in this area. If you want to see the two American naval guns then you need to stay on the eastern zone of the bungalows which will lead you the ridge, located above the restaurant.

Matira Beach Park
This is one of the most well-known beaches of Bora Bora island and it’s direction is straight from the Le Moana Resort. This beach also houses the open thatched pavilion in front. For couples this beach is romantic and you can take a walk at any time of the day. Evening and afternoon walk is the most preferable option.

Bloody Mary's

Bloody Mary’s is a popular bar cum restaurant and this is the first thing that comes in mind if you want to have a romantic candle light dinner. This is also the best option for lunch and parties for high profile people. Once you step inside you will be delighted to see the beauty of this imperial structure. On the walls you can see the pictures of the celebrities who had dined in this place. If you want to enjoy a cocktail just like as it happens on the sun-soaked beach then it is ideal to sit on the palm trunk stool. This is done in order to give the clients’ the best satisfaction and to give the ambience an essence of reality as much as possible.

TV Tower Look out

After passing the Bamboo House Restaurant you can see a dirt road that leads to a drive route over the concrete tracks of and it will take hardly 10 minutes. You need to hike up to the hill to see the TV tower. From that point you can get a mind-blowing view of the lagoon and southern end of this amazing island.