Curt Mast, the original distiller of Jägermeister and son of the founder Wilhelm, was an enthusiastic hunter.[2]

The name when literally translated means "master of hunters."[3] It is a title for a high-ranking official in charge of matters related to hunting. The term Jägermeister had existed as a job title for many centuries. It was redefined in 1934 in the new Reichsjagdgesetz(Imperial Hunting Law), which applied the term to senior foresters and gamekeepers in the German civil service.

Hermann Göring was appointed Reichsjägermeister (Imperial Gamekeeper) when the new hunting law was introduced. Thus, when Jägermeister was introduced in 1935, its name was already familiar to Germans—it was sometimes called "Göring-Schnaps."[4]

In 2012, Jägermeister launched premixed drinks as a brand extension. The drinks come in two flavours, "raw" and "ginger lime".[5]