Best clubs in Manchester


Clubs in Manchester are popular for their variety and charm. There are a large number of clubs in Manchester, which you would find in every nook and corner of the city. For thriving nightlife, thousands of people gather every night at these clubs to enjoy several cocktails and some great music. Jillys music box is  one of the best rock and roll night clubs where a number of people gather to freak out on the large dance floor. Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays make your experience much more worthwhile because a number of events take place in this club. The music played by the DJ’s is mostly rock but is different than the other clubs around. Drinks are cheap and most people make use of online discounts and coupons to save a great amount of money.

Bar Rogue and Bar Wave in Greater Manchester is inside the hotel Britannia which is open seven days a week and the club timings are extended during weekdays. There are special discount and offers on the drinks and you need to maintain a dress code for the entry in these two fabulous clubs. At times there is a cover at these clubs. The other most varied nightclubs in Lancashire is South. The club is open from Wednesday to Saturday,   where you will experience a fantastic variety in music and classy crowd.

The other famous and ravishing club in Manchester is Tiger Tiger which is located at the heart of the city and allows a number of happening events. The club opens Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 3 am and on Sundays, the club is open from 12 pm to 1 am. Apart from a lively club there are 6 bars and one restaurant in this 3 storied building. The place is so delightful that you can never feel boredom. It will keep you lively as most glamorous and enticing events happens at this club. You even have a wide choice of 7000 songs and can experience the disco of 70’s and 80’s. If at any point of time you are interested to organize an event then Tiger Tiger is the best place for a wonderful experience where the staff of club will help you arrange the event  in the most outrageous manner.

Clubs in Manchester are unique for their grandiose and music. Each club is situated in an extraordinary location and has an outstanding surround system with perfect lightings. The other clubs which offer a unique experience are Black Dog Ballroom, Cuba Café, The Circle Club, The Bijou Club, K2 and many more. You can see popular celebs and footballers in Bijou Club.  Apart from the dance floor and cocktails there are karaoke rooms and cool singing moments for people in K2 club. Each club in Manchester is unique in their events.