If you want to learn to be creative to bore you (and to pull the plug)

An environment rich in stimuli seems to have favored the development of certain mental faculties, but would also be responsible for a decline of inventiveness, especially in children.

Leonardo Da Vinci is the most famous example of creativity in the round: has created masterpieces of wit and skill in many fields. Musicians, painters, writers make creativity a job and are creative by contract well as advertising. But creativity is also the housewife who has to reinvent itself a recipe because missing an ingredient, or the electrician who finds a solution different from the usual to operate a plant. Creative thinking, in short, seems to be everywhere. But what is really the creativity? The really possess all, or is it a gift of a few talented?

It is tied hand in glove with the intelligence? But above all, it is true that it is in crisis, as claimed by a study recently appeared on the Creativity Research Journal? Being, in fact, the results of the research, conducted on 300 thousand people undergoing one of the most widely used test to measure creativity, since 1990 there has been a clear decline in scores, while similar tests on intelligence indicating a continuous growth IQ: a very rich stimuli like the current one seems making us smarter, "falling asleep" but the inventiveness, especially in children, however, are usually the best on tests of creativity. According to the researchers, this is because we interact in ways increasingly impersonal thanks to technology, losing "signals" of communication coming from direct contact and help you develop a whimsical personality.