The Power of Colors: Green

Each of us has a preferred color, which summarizes our inclinations and interactions in love, friendship, relationships with others and work. The shape of our face, the shape of the eyes, lip color, hair and skin constantly influencing our choice of a color group, compared to the others. The chromatic chords are quite subjective in the choice of hues, in the play of light and shade, shades, as they depend on the experience, character, mentality, emotions, taste and sensitivity of each person. "Our" color reveals who we are. Each color expresses a mood. Discover the meaning helps us to know and better understand our desires to achieve them and live them to the fullest.

The key word is balance of green, tranquility, serenity. And 'the nature that shows us the meaning of the green is a symbol of renewal, is in fact the main color of spring. And thickness: Green is the law that the flower stalk. In its various hues that color accompanies the passing of spring and summer, the periods in which the earth is renewed. Need calm, balance, tranquility is the time of the green, there is more balanced. Placed exactly in the center in the light spectrum, to act as a watershed between the cold and the warm tones. The "science of colors" suggests in situations of emotional turmoil and mental, in the "research" of self-realization and self-esteem. The shades darker, bluish, reflect personality rather stiff, little available to the changes. Light areas, which change perceptibly towards yellow, indicating greater flexibility, ability to adapt to situations and to accept others' ideas. The personality-green is a great support for themselves and for others, but when the green is in excess can show sides rigid personality or attitude that can spill in obstinacy. Who owns it is sensual, land and aspires to acquire material goods that allow him to live in peace and prosperity. As evergreens, these people are kept in balance, whatever the external conditions. Eager to certainties, the character- green longs not to the domain at any cost, but protects his possessions, using thin limbs, such as diplomacy. difficult to test the anxiety of going anywhere else, prefer to remain where fate has given birth, and get the most from the environment in which it is located. The "type-green" expresses deep feelings and lasting, but also possessiveness, jealousy and stubbornness. Professionally represents all activities in contact with nature that infuse the charge necessary to maintain a perfect body shape. Wearing green is also useful in cases where we are forced to live ambiguous relationships that make us nervous and irritable. The green promotes the general welfare of the body, increases its vitality and restores the balance of its functions.
Dark green: indicates simple but refined tastes, order, logic, poor disposal to criticism.
Green water is a sign of practicality and serenity, self control emotions, aesthetic sense, romance.
Apple green: indicates desire for novelty, propensity for group work, sociability, ability to be understood.
Green blue "draws" optimism, self-confidence and in others, independence, desire for practicality, desire to stay away from emotional stress with the help of psycho-physical disciplines.