Budapest, Hungary

The Budapest, Hungary is a historical city full of ancient richness. This city was historically considered to be three cities and those the three cities were Buda, Pest and Obuda. These cities have been grouped together but these have been naturally divided by the River Danubethat forks in the middle of the city Budapest, Hungary. In the year 1873, these three cities got combined into one city and were given the name Budapest. This city is more than 2,000 years old and it is also the largest city that contains the traces of several forces which have ruled it like that of the Goths, Turks and the Romans.

Some of the interesting historical places of this city are as follows:

  1. Thermal Baths– the Thermal Baths are very popular throughout the world. All the booklets and brochures that are available with the Hungary travel information, all mentionThermal Baths in that area. These spa or baths’ waters are accepted to be healing. So, people from all over the world come to Hungary for soaking in them.
  2. The Great Synagogue and Jewish Museum – The Great Synagogue and Jewish Museum is one of the famous Budapest attractions. This attraction has been listed in most of the Hungary travel information booklets and brochures because of its historical significance
  3. Budapest House of Parliament–The Hungary travel information booklets and brochures that concerns famous attractions always list the Budapest House of Parliament that is on the bank of Danube River. This particular monument is a regal and imposing structure that is massive. A visit to this place will help you to see the interior of this structure and many treasures that are there even including the crown of the first Hungarian king.
  4. Fisherman Bastion - The Fisherman Bastion is the most exquisite and outstanding of all the famous and popular Budapest attractions. The famous seven turrets are very ornamental, and it had been constructed for the defence of the area by all fishermen but they were not used ever in any battle. There are many features like the stairways, cloisters, etc.
  5. Matthias Church–The Mathias Church was formally and popularly called the Church of Our Lady. It is the most visited and famous Budapest attractions. It is more than 700 years old but it is still used for the Mass or any other events even today.
  6. The Royal Castle–The Royal Castle is one of the attractions of the Budapest attractions. It was built in the thirteen hundreds. This is a massive structure which has a history that dates back to few hundred years and the royal castle includes a huge number of various building architectural and style influences. All the Hungary travel information booklets and brochures on this royal castle are vastly available due to its high popularity.
  7. St. Stephen's Basilica - The St. Stephen’s Basilica is one of the largest churches in the country. This is more unique and different Budapest attractions in a way. In this church the mummified hand of St. Stephen is there.