Dandelion Extract Kills 96% of Human Leukemia Cells in Vitro: This study found that dandelion root extract was extremely cytotoxic to all three types of human leukemia cells tested, killing up to 96% of the CMML cells (Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia) after 48 hours of treatment in vitro. The extract was prepared from dandelions freshly picked from a local grassy field, and the researchers stated that the extract has “great potential” as an effective alternative to conventional chemo.

Will dandelion work against this cancer in real people? In fact, the study was carried out by cancer researcher Dr. Caroline Hamm because several patients in her Canadian cancer clinic went into remission for months by using dandelion tea. One patient in particular was a 72 year old man for whom aggressive chemo treatments had failed. The hospital sent him home, telling him it was time to put his affairs in order with his family. He started drinking dandelion tea and returned to the clinic 4 months later in complete remission from the cancer.

Three years later, he was still in remission and healthy. The Canadian government has since then agreed to fund initial clinical trials to test dandelion root extract against leukemia. In the meantime, further studies have found that dandelion extracts are also potently active against pancreatic cancer, melanoma, breast cancer and prostate cancer. This is no surprise to herbal medicine specialists: various extracts of dandelion have been already used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat multiple illnesses.