Clubs in Southampton

Clubs in Southampton have a vibrant nightlife. Southampton is a big cosmopolitan city that lies 75km of London and 31km away from Portsmouth. It is the largest city in Hampshire. Southampton has a lot to offer to its visitors as it has a rich cultural heritage .It has around 4 million visitors all-round the year .There are many museums, music venues and art galleries. Southampton is also known for its clubs.

When one comes to Southampton clubbing is must, there are a wide variety of clubs in Southampton from sports to dance club, from health to society club. There is a wide range of clubs according to one’s taste and interests. There are also many sports clubs like badminton, football, cricket, rugby, tennis and others. Southampton Football Club is a very famous and old English football club that competes in the Premier League. One can enjoy and hang out with friends and will easily find a venue that suits to ones need.

Among the night clubs , to list a few they are Oceana which is famous for 5 bars, VIP rooms, themed rooms and is one the largest nightclub in UK. Junk is a club which is a hotspot among youngsters and has a famous DJ playing every weekend. They have Tuesday night especially for students. To list a few other renowned night clubs they are Unit (St Mary’s), Kaos, Lennon’s, Orange Rooms, Vodka Revs, Seymour’s, Club Russo, Bliss and many more .Most of the clubs are located on the London Road and St Mary .There are many good clubs for sports socials and general meeting.

The clubs in Southampton are very fashionable and modern. They have majestic interior designs and have the latest technology in the sound acoustics that can impress anyone. They also have laser lightening technology, wall projection unit and much more. They also add a wide variety of refreshing drink like brewed beer, vodka, wine, mocktail, cocktail, champagne and other variety of alcohol and beverages from all round the world. They also offer a wide range of cuisine in food. The music is very enchanting and thrilling that varies from different genres like hip hop, rock, retro, pop and funk. There are live rock shows and band concert scheduled on various days in a week. Some of the nightclubs have two to three dance floors which can accommodate 600 people. These clubs have facility of booking the complete club or some area of it for some events like birthdays, corporate parties or some other functions. The price range also offers, but it’s not very high, in fact some of the clubs are very affordable and there are special rate for students also. The crowd varies from young students to mixed age, one easily make new friends in the clubs in Southampton.