Top Attractions in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina and also the largest city is Buenos Aires. The city  of  Beunos Aires, Argentina is said to have  a spirit of its own and is said to be similar to the united states as it has a lot to offer. The tourists love to visit the city for art and history museums as it's quite popular in the city.

The city is energetic and enlightening. It’s the third largest area in Latin America is full of Latin elegance and gracefulness along with modern amenities and precious tourist attractions.

Buenos Aires Zoo

If you are fond of watching birds and other animals of Zoo then Buenos Aires Zoo is simply ideal for a visit. Your friends, family and friends would love to explore 50 species of reptiles and 175 species of birds and about 9 species of mammals. The zoo covers an area of about 50 acres and is ideal to spend a day with friends and family members. At selected times the tourists are also allowed to buy food and feed some of the animals so kids will definitely love that.

Iguazu Falls & Devil’s Throat

If you have seen Niagra Falls and liked it then you will definitely love it as it's much taller and wider than the Niagara falls. The devil’s throat is something you would love as the place is known for amazing waterfall. When you would stand right on the top of the fall then the breathtaking view of the Devil’s throat will simply make you perplexed.You would enjoy a boat ride between the falls and a ride through the forest will also be enjoyable and worth.

Casa de Cultura and Palacio de Gobierno

The two historic attractions can be visited together on a single trip. Casa de Cultura ’is a gray colored building which was famous for presenting  the newspaper known as La Prensa. Well the other place Palacio de Gobiernois is a great huge hall which is famous for the Bueno Aires Mayor conducts all the official affairs there.


If you like ballroom then you would definitely love to explore this marvelous place which fills you completely with thrill. Men and women will be seated on each side and if one wants to procure a partner then  he or she has to make some gestures , nods or eyebrow twitches  to choose a partner and henceforth take the floor and be on your toes.

There are many other great things to do in the city like the first religious theme park which is situated in the surreal Tierra Santais and is famous because after every 30 minutes or so there is a plastic body of Jesus which rises from the earth and is worth observing.

After enjoying all the fabulous places dining at  the Scandinavian Olsen restaurant will be a great relief as the food quality is amazing and the interiors are wonderful. There is a quality menu for a Vodaka which you would love if you like to drink. Ample of vodkas are available for relaxing after a tiring trip. Ei Bastro is another quality restaurant which is worth trying for a meal so if you are on a trip then you can list out the restaurants and try each one accordingly.The place will keep you comfortable in every way.