Bebuzee Revenue Share

Bebuzee think it is about time devoted social media users are rewarded for the time they spend informing & entertaining the world.

How does it work?

It's simple, Bebuzee reward users with 50% percent of video advertising revenue generated from video a user uploaded.

How do you start earning?

  1. Grow Your Buzers - the more users who watch your video the more you will earn
  2. Upload Content - users will want to watch interesting, funny, informative videos. What you upload about is up to you!
  3. How You Earn - there will be an advertisementbefore your video start playing
    • o You are paid for impressions, this is when an advert is shown. For every 1000 ads that are shown you will earn $3
  4. Update Your Payment Details - You can choose to be paid by bank transfer or Paypal, the choice is yours, you can update your payment details on desktop only

Bigger Buzers = more video views = more revenue for you!