How do I Create Account?

If you are a new user, you will need to register before you can start networking, add a business, write a review, endorse a business and rate, you can do this by entering your details on the signup form and clicking on the 'Register'.

How do I search for a business?

To search for a business anywhere in the world, click on business on the menu of your page and click on worldwide business search, then simply select country, location and category of what you are looking for in the search area, and we will display the relevant matching business listings.

How do I change my personal details? Or edit listing?

To add or change your personal details:

  • Click on update info on your profile or on the menu
  • After editing click on save.

How do I edit business?

To edit business:

  • Click on business on the menu
  • Click on my business, then edit
  • After editing, click on save directory

I've forgotten my password

To retrieve your password:

  • Click on the forgot your password link
  • Enter your e-mail and click on send, an email will be sent to the email address with which you registered on

How do I sign in?

Email address: Just enter the email address you used to register with

Password: Enter your password which you used when you created an account and click on the login button to start using our system. Your password is case sensitive.

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I am having problems connecting to the site

Try connecting to another website. If you can't, then call your internet service provider for assistance

If you are able to connect to other websites but not, please check that you are typing in the correct address:

Please also ensure that you are not clicking on an out-of-date bookmark or favourite.